My name is Emma Page and I'm a Homeopath based in East Grinstead with over 10 years of experience. I have used homeopathy successfully all my life for a variety of different complaints and decided to become a Homeopath after a bowel prolapse when I was 18. The conventional route meant the treatment was an incredibly invasive surgical procedure with some  potentially life-long side effects so I decided to try an alternative before agreeing to go ahead.                                                                
It was natural to turn to Homeopathy as it had been so successful in the past so I booked an appointment. I was prescribed a remedy to take over the month before the next appointment, and I must admit that I was a little skeptical but thought if it had cured my asthma years before, it must be worth giving it a go. I was amazed! After just one prescription my symptoms reduced by 75%, I had more energy and generally felt so much better, within 6 months I had no symptoms left at all - Homeopathy completely changed my life and as a result, I love to share this wonderful treatment with others.

I'm passionate about mental health and work with clients to help them feel good and positive about the future.
I enjoy working with women to support their female health as so many of us suffer in silence and experience issues not only with our menstrual cycle but also with fertility, childbirth, menopause, PCOS, fibroids and may other female health related complaints.  

Alongside Homeopathy, some of my other passions in life are diet, nutrition and running - I've found that a healthy lifestyle coupled with Homeopathy has been brilliant for dealing with any injuries and for better performance. It truly is great to deal with aches and pains and to support other treatments and therapies.  

Just click here to find out what you can expect, to make an appointment in person or virtually you can call me on: 07825 661 713 or email: