What is health?

So what is health really?

Is it just physically being well with no ailments or is it more than that?  General wellbeing, how you feel mentally, emotionally and physically are all very prominent factors.  Being a homeopath I have a holistic view but it often amazes me how disconnected society can be.  When I see my clients and start to talk about their background and what was happening in their lives adjacent to physical issues that have arisen you can almost see the penny drop when the connection is made that their body has been expressing their dis-ease. 

Of course, there are maintaining causes: sugar, coffee, cigarettes, eating too much, not eating enough, alcohol, lack of sleep and the list goes on and on, but just changing some small things in your lifestyle can have a huge impact.  Just cutting one coffee out can improve your sleep, skin and mood.  It’s so important to explore and question all possible causes for physical issues before just rushing off the doctors for a ‘magic quick-fix’ pill to cure yours dis-ease.  Do you ever stop to wonder why you might not be feeling 100%?  When was the last time you did something that you really love?  If it's been that long, it's probably time to book into that class, go for that run, have a night off and have a relaxing soak in the tub or just see a friend and have a good natter over a nice cup of tea or glass of wine.

Some great homeopathic remedies to consider when you’re not feeling quite yourself are:

  • Arg Nit – a great remedy for nervous energy and lack of sleep when your energy is down and all that you seem to crave is sweets, often accompanied by an upset stomach or IBS
  • Phos Ac – a remedy for when you’re feeling completely flat, like all the life has been zapped out of you and walking around like a zombie, too tired to sleep
  • Nux Vom – one of my favourite remedies; amazing for being overworked, drinking too much (especially red wine), eating curries, drinking coffee, having headaches, nausea, stomach issues and feeling stressed

Of course, there are many, many more remedies out there to get you feeling like your normal self again.  But I ask you a question, do you feel healthy and in good health?  If you feel like you could do with something to pick you make some time to reflect and if you’d prefer to come and talk to someone to help book in with me.