Hayfever and Homeopathy

Spring is finally here!  It’s a beautiful time of year, all the flowers are coming out.  Daffodils are in full swing; the sunshine is making people happy and there’s an abundance of car washing going on!  But unfortunately, this time of year can be awful for some sufferers of hay fever.  It’s the time of year where sleeping is difficult, sitting out in the garden is practically unbearable - especially if the grass has just been cut.  On the days with high pollen count it’s preferable to stay inside or take an anti-histamine.  But if you’re fed up of the side effects there is an alternative solution: Homeopathy.

Hay fever (otherwise known as allergic rhinitis) occurs when pollen particles are breathed in.  Once in the body they can cause the immune system to react as though they’re harmful, stimulating an allergic response, the body produces histamine causing inflammation and irritation to the linings of the nasal passage, throat and eyes as the body tries to eliminate these particles.  A very frustrating condition.  Sometimes steroids are prescribed or even injected in extreme cases which of course cause a whole host of side effects including a lowered immune system, high blood pressure, water retention and muscle weakness - just what you want before bikini season!

I’ve treated lots of cases of hay fever with a variety of remedies based on individual symptoms.

For chronic sufferers, a full homeopathic consultation is required to treat the condition in totality but there are some great remedies you can pick up from any high street health food store:


Nat Mur:

-watery, bland discharge with sneezing

-sensation of grit in the eye


-Feeling of sadness – wanting to cry but unable to



-thick, bland discharge

-discharge in the eyes – sticky/sandy/gritty eyes

>open air

>cold applications

-nose runs outside, blocked indoors

-teary, feel sorry for themselves

-great for children



-burning sensations


-affected by flowers

-itching everywhere – nose, pallet, ears



-itching of roof of the mouth, nose

-dryness of the mucus membranes

-constant clearing of the throat


Arsenicum Album

-runny/blocked nose

-hot, red and burning

-red upper eye lids

-anxiety and restlessness

-symptoms worse at midnight

-asthma, wheezing >fresh air

-symptoms worse in the morning

-better for sitting up


Nux Vomica

-nose blocked – outside and PM

-nose will run in warm room & day time

-violent sneezing

-itching of the eustachian tubes


-irritable and frustrated

-eyes run